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Speech-Language Pathology

Custom & Pre-Made Therapeutic Resources

Engage clients and students with a wide variety of resources to build speech and language skills. Shop over 500,000 resources or make your own. 

Intervention is fun when you match activities to your client’s interests and needs. 

Using Boom Cards completely transformed the level of interaction for my students. With PDF annotation, I was limited to what my students could draw or type. But with Boom Cards, they can engage so much more with an activity by clicking buttons, typing in boxes, and most of all–moving images around! The cards are so dynamic, allowing the stimuli to change in an instant. . .which keeps things exciting for me and the students!

Stacy CrouseSpeech-Language Pathologist and Publisher

I wanted fun, interactive, vibrantly colored resources that were also challenging, dynamic, differentiated, culturally responsible, and language rich. As a creator, the ability to incorporate all of these essential elements into my resources has been a game changer. My students are excited and motivated to participate and really look forward to using Boom Cards

Belinda V. GivensSpeech-Language Pathologist and Publisher

Prior to delving into online learning, I rarely used technology in my in-person speech therapy sessions. Now, Boom Cards are frequently used for many of my sessions—whether in-person or virtual. The kids seem to love Boom Card activities whether for in-person or for virtual learning... If I have an engaged and motivated child, I feel that I have a child that is going to progress.

Sandy RobinsonMS, CCC-SLP, LSLS, Cert AVT, and Boom Publisher

Levels of student engagement have increased, and the premade materials that our teachers/therapist can access through using points save them so much time and provide common activities and language concepts for our students. Our staff LOVES Boom Learning!

Mollie BoltonExec. Director, Special School District of St. Louis County

The premade and purchasing of cards has really made my staff's life much easier. They're busy, and why reinvent the wheel if it's already out there?

Tim ZimmermanTechnology Consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District

Screensharing designed for SLPs providing teletherapy.

  • Control client access and permissions over digital stimuli 
    • Mouse control 
    • Shared typing controls 
    • Navigation 
  • Monitor client’s mouse movements 
  • Perfect for teleassessments  
Boom Live

Activities are engaging and self-paced.

  • Automatic or manual data capture 
  • Positive reinforcement feedback 
  • Instant feedback for self-checking  
  • Errorless learning activities 
  • Multisensory stimuli including visual and audio 
  • Ability to record and play back client voice 
  • Resources are differentiated to meet the student’s needs 

Designed with your students in mind.


  • VPAT compliant
  • Alt Text (Alternative Text)
  • Arrow Key Navigation
  • Tab Key Navigation
  • Colors for Backgrounds and Text
  • Images
  • Sounds
  • On-Screen Keyboards
  • Picture Passwords
  • QR code login
  • and more
Share Students Boom Learning
Custom Play Settings Boom

The customizability of Boom Cards supports the client and the intervention team.

Personalization made easy:

  • Assignments can be fully individualized 
  • Adjust assignment lengths to address student stamina 
  • Suppress content that is above student’s goal 
  • Help parents keep at-home practice on track 
  • Assign Boom Cards to caregivers, teachers, and directly to patients 
  • Share student data with the team 


Used in 3,000+ Schools and Districts

Sample Boom Cards

Click image to preview the first four cards. →


Gumball Articulation

Board Game

Winter Vocabulary

Escape Room

Common Prefixes

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