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Special Education

Ensure Equal Access

Support students with special or unique needs, remove barriers to learning, and close the achievement gap.

Boom Cards save teachers time so they can do what they love—teach.

Levels of student engagement have increased, and the premade materials that our teachers/therapist can access through using points save them so much time and provide common activities and language concepts for our students. Our staff LOVES Boom Learning!

Mollie BoltonExec. Director, Special School District of St. Louis County

The premade and purchasing of cards has really made my staff's life much easier. They're busy, and why reinvent the wheel if it's already out there?

Tim ZimmermanTechnology Consultant, Macomb Intermediate School District

Online learning is not just sitting in front of a computer screen; students need to be engaged in critical thinking and personal reflection. Boom is doing that with their innovations in technology and their respect for education and education professionals.

Joy CurtiseLuma CX Operations Coordinator

During school closures (whether it be due to an illness outbreak, weather, or something else), technology can help prevent the interruption of learning.

Stacy CrouseSpeech-Language Pathologist and Publisher

When I was teaching Summer School special education, some of the students already had skills I didn’t expect. Seeing the reports allowed me to adjust my instruction to address their needs.

Christy HenningTransitional Kindergarten Teacher

IEP and 504 Education Plans: Progress Monitoring and Data Analysis

  • Automatic, exportable data reports
  • Tools to create your own Boom Cards based on specific student’s needs/interests
  • Collaboration: Sharing students and data reports among team of specialists
School Manager Robust Data

Activities are engaging and self-paced.

  • Positive reinforcement
  • Self-checking for instant feedback
  • Errorless learning activities
  • Tactile, Audio, Visual – multi-sensory
  • SPED activities like social skills, behavior management, visual agendas, visual routines, task analysis, etc.

Designed with your students in mind.


  • VPAT compliant
  • Alt Text (Alternative Text)
  • Arrow Key Navigation
  • Tab Key Navigation
  • Colors for Backgrounds and Text
  • Images
  • Sounds
  • On-Screen Keyboards
  • Picture Passwords
  • QR code login
  • and more
Share Students Boom Learning
Custom Play Settings Boom

Boom Cards’ game elements reward mastery, persistence, and overlearning.

Teachers have the ability to:

  • Reduce the number of Boom Cards for students with shorter attention spans
  • Suppress content that has not yet been taught by hiding specific cards from the “deck”
  • Select activities that support a student’s interests

Used in 3,000+ Schools and Districts

Sample Boom Cards

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Visual Schedule

visual schedule

Behavior Management

Life Skills

Social Story

Visual Impairment

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