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Great for At-Home Review or Homeschooling

Find a large collection of pre-made activities for special education, ABA, special needs, gifted, and asynchronous learners.

The power to personalize learning has arrived.

Boom Cards have completely changed how we play games, brush up on math, study new vocabulary words, and more. Now we use Boom Cards for homeschooling almost every day!

My students are currently busy with their Cambridge exams and Boom Cards decks are perfect for them to go through topics at home, identify problems and then come to me for help.

Liezel Pienaar

Whether you’re teaching virtually, in class, or homeschooling, you’re going to want to learn more about Boom Cards! There are so many reasons that kids, teachers, and parents love these digital wonders.

Designed for ALL learners

Learner variability is built into the student player. This makes Boom Cards a great choice for asynchronous learners, those with visual or auditory impairments, and anyone with idiosyncratic learning needs.

  • Hide cards
  • Randomize cards
  • Reward persistence
  • Provide instant feedback
  • Save cards for review
Boom Custom Play Settings
Share Students Boom Learning

Easy Collaboration

Boom Learning makes it easy to share reports between teachers, specialists, and family members for a 360-degree view of a student’s progress.

  • See reports
  • Review saved cards
  • See homework at-a-glance
  • Observe improvement over time

Backed by Research

Kids earn flexible rewards that can translate into real-world privileges. With instant feedback and easy-to-understand reporting, students can take charge of their own learning. Boom Cards are third-party certified for:

  • Research-based design
  • Learner variability
  • Data Privacy
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Over 10 million students have used Boom Cards to improve their learning experience.

Over 400,000 pre-made Boom Cards are available, including a large number of FREE activities.

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