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Turn your favorite worksheets into interactive games.

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We save teachers time. Boom self-grading activities give students instant feedback.


Tools for Specialists, Teachers, and Tutors

Create Boom Cards, or find activities and use them in your classes.

  • Interactive Lessons
  • Automatic Grading
  • Flexible Game Builder
  • Accessible Anywhere


Instant Feedback for Faster Learning

Students earn flexible rewards. Boom empowers students to own their learning.

  • Gamified Student Player
  • Real-Time Reports
  • Student Accountability
  • Custom Play Settings

School Managers

Packages and Perks for Schools

Manage your staff, and rest assured that your students’ data privacy is safe and secure.

  • Management Tools
  • Resource Sharing
  • Privacy by Design
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) & Rostering


Great for At-Home Review or Homeschooling

A great collection of pre-made activities for special education, ABA, special needs, gifted, and asynchronous learners.

  • Easy Report Sharing
  • Personalized Activities
  • Non-Punitive Feedback
  • Create Custom Games


Earn Income & Help Others

Share your most successful activities with fellow educators. Get paid to do it!

  • Earn 85% on Each
  • Amazing Community
  • Cutting-edge Features
  • Exceptional Customer Support


Custom play settings enable educators to personalize the activity shown to each learner. Show more Boom Cards or less, and show them in a different order, depending on the student.

Live Monitoring

See the impact of a lesson in realtime. Catch areas where the entire class needs review—before you move on to the next activity.

Detailed Reports

Knowing the response time, along with whether the student answered right or wrong, helps you distinguish when a student is guessing, struggling, or ready for more challenging material.


I’m so excited! I stopped in to school this week - and my new Promethean board is all set up. Of course the first thing I tried was Boom Cards! I cannot wait to use it with some real live kids (hopefully soon)! 

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This free Boom Deck is perfect for targeting a variety of language and social language skills! It’s also a great for kicking off a session or for filling in those last few minutes!

🔗 If you'd like a link to download this freebie leave me a comment below or shoot me a message! I'll also be adding a link in my bio.


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✨H A L F  O F F !⁣✨
Welp, life got the best of me and I'm about six weeks late on this bundle.⁣
But the silver lining is that it's my fave set yet! And perfect for the summer before first grade AND the fall of first grade.⁣
This month's math and literacy Boom Card bundle includes:⁣
- addition fluency⁣
- subtraction fluency⁣
- teen number ordering⁣
- beginning digraphs⁣
- beginning blends⁣
- ending blends⁣
And for today through Friday, you can get these decks + the bundle {and MEGA bundle} for H A L F off!⁣
{link in profile}⁣
Happy learning!⁣ 🦀
My Saturday! #boomlearning #boomcards #sisterprints boomlearning
💥Quick Boom Cards reminder💥 

Depending on the deck (how it was made and set up to use), there are various ways to move throughout the cards:
👉 Use the buttons on the OUTSIDE of the card to move forward or backward, or use the “scrollable” overview to make bigger skips in the deck.
👉 There may be clickable buttons ON THE INSIDE of the card that you can use to navigate throughout the deck.
👉 Push the ARROW KEYS on your keyboard to quickly scroll through the cards.

Again, the options depend on each deck. But hopefully this helps make your decks easier and faster to use in sessions.

🔖 SAVE this post to refresh your memory later, or ⬆️ SEND it to a friend!

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C'est fait ! J'ai utilisé les tablettes numériques pour la première fois cette année ! Et ça s'est très bien passé, outre quelques mises à jour interminables en début de période! 
De plus, mes élèves ont travaillé pour la première fois avec des cartes BOOM™. Étant donné que je n'ai pas fait de compte à mes élèves, ils jouent avec les Fast Pins que j'ai convertis en code QR. C'est une collègue qui m'en a donné l'idée. Cette méthode fait que les élèves n'ont pas à taper les liens URL et que je n'aie pas eu non plus à faire une requête pour faire installer l'application sur les tablettes. Tout ce que les élèves avaient à faire est de scanner chacun des codes QR avec l'appareil photo et cliquer sur la notification qui apparaissait automatiquement.
Saviez-vous que l'on peut intégrer un générateur de codes QR directement dans PowePoint ?
👍Oui, je le savais !
🙆‍♀️ C'est possible ? Je veux savoir comment !
🥱 Non et ça ne m'intéresse pas...

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